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1-20 Collaborators
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1-20 Collaborators/room

50GB Cloud Storage

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TelePrezi F.A.Q

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TelePrezi is a VR productivity and workflow toolset for Unity3D that enables content providers to quickly and naturally build their multi-user VR and Non-VR applications through a simple interface, supporting all major HMD devices and compatible with industry SDKs through a drag and drop interface and no programming skills required.

Building basic interactivity for non-programmers are usually time consuming because of the time you spend to find the right script or solution. When a certain script or solution doesn’t work, you have usually no clue of solving this. We believe that we have included the most used or requested “actions” and with a drag and drop system made it even easier to build VR Apps.

Some specific examples: Architects or interior designers who want to build interactive walk-throughs and test it on a VR display with just couple of clicks, Engineers who want to setup a Virtual Prototyping system using eg. HTC Vive to demonstrate the various design steps , Product Designers who want to show and demonstrate the different design options. Teachers who want to take their class on a virtual field trip or teach their class remotely. Doctors and patients who require a quick consult but prefer to avoid the traveling. Conference coordinators looking to extend their audience to remote attendees. Concerts and Broadway shows that are limited due to Social Distancing.

We believe that, through it’s drag and drop setup, it will save users huge amount of development time and the current “actions” are the most wanted features to get you started.

Currently we support Unity3D but stay tuned for a Unreal Engine version.

We built TelePrezi in such a way that it is platform independent and currently we support all Unity3D natively supported VR SDK’s.

Yes we do and please watch this tutorial to learn for setting this up.

We are currently working on a mobile version of the app that will be downloadable for both iOS and android.

The number varies depending on environment and avatar assets as well as network speed. In most use cases, 20 users should not pose any issues. If you need to present to more than 20, please take a look at our broadcasting feature.

Yes! We have hosted conferences as large as 3,000 people concurrently. This is done by creating parallel rooms each with 20-30 people. You will be able to search for colleagues and send them invite codes to meet up together in a certain room.

Yes! We are a small team, and will try to respond to issues in an timely manner. The best place to get support is from our Discord page.

Yes, absolutely! We set up a peer-to-peer network through webRTC. That means data is never sent through our servers. All data is encrypted and handled according to industry standards.

Currently, all changes to a room are not stored anywhere on the servers. If you wish to save notes or objects, we suggest taking screen shots and using our cloud-share file system to download your files.
TelePrezi is a monthly subscription service. You can cancel anytime.
The basic plan that allows small team meetings is free! If you would like to host larger events, or use any of our amazing features like customizable environments/avatars, or to broadcast presenters, then we suggest either the business or enterprise subscriptions at $29/month or $89/month respectively.

Stay tuned. We are updating tutorials and will upload them when they become ready.